Keane Brewing is a small microbrewery located at Larsberg, Lidingö. We focus on brewing different styles of high quality beer. We strive to have a wide range of low alcohol beers (folköl) as we want to show it is possible to brew these beers and not compromise on taste.

We only use ingredients that we believe in. We want to see where they come from and how they are produced. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that we have cooperation with Warbro Kvarn, which produces a malt that is not only organic but also is a heritage variety with high protein content that gives extra fine qualities in the taste of the beer.

Ivan has always been interested in brewing beer and over the years has brewed a lot at home. Two years ago, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and started Keane Brewing. In early 2018 he got hold of a suitable premises in Larsberg. The brewing equipment arrived after the summer and the first beer was brewed in November 2018.

Since then, a lot of beer has been brewed. Today you will find beer from Keane Brewing around Lidingö in grocery stores, restaurants, conference centers and the systembolaget.

Available Beers


In these worrying and trouble- some times, Freyr, the god from nordic mythology will bring us peace and prosperity, sunshine and a good harvest. This pale, medium bodied beer has some malt sweetness and is brewed using heirloom Balder malt from Warbro Kvarn. Citra and Azacca hops add a citrus and tropical character. Pairs great with spicy foods, burgers, pizza and cheddar cheeses.


This German inspired ale is brewed using heirloom Balder malt from Warbro Kvarn.
A pale, light bodied beer with some malt sweetness. Citra and Azacca hops add a citrus and tropical character. Pairs great with salads, pizza and fresh light cheeses.

This is our golden American Pale Ale brewed with heritage malt. We used three classic American hops which contrib- ute the fruity, citrus and pine tones. Pairs with a wide range of
food including burgers, chicken, salads and cheddar cheese.

Our Red IPA is brewed using heirloom Balder malt from Warbro Kvarn. This beer has a more malty and caramel character than your regular IPA. Triple dry hopped to give lots of citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavours. Pairs great with roasted and grilled food, spicy cuisine and strong tasting cheeses.

The classic German Helles style was the inspiration for this lager beer. We used organic Warbro Balder malt and wanted to highlight it’s complex malty and slightly sweet taste. It balances well with the floral, slightly citrus and grapefruit tones that the hops contribute. Pairs with most foods – chicken, salads, seafood and bratwurst.

This is our malt orientated golden ale brewed with five of the finest malts. Clear, golden colour with a white head. Fruity, floral with some citrus. Sweet maltiness with a hint of caramel. Smooth with some bitterness in the finish.


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